Newly painted building with Red trim.

Largest stocking dealer of Alweld Boats in Texas

Three limits with my best hunting buddies using a Go-Devil Rig

My son Reid 's first kiss.  Go-Devil 1856 with 35 Surface Drive

We currently have over 60 ALWELD boats in stock!

We specialize in Honda and Tohatsu Outboards as well as
Go-Devil boats and motors!

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About Heritage Marine

You want reliablility on the water? Then accept no alternative to Honda Marine outboars! Honda has proven itself in every arena they play in, whether it is 4-wheelers, motorcycles, cars, PWC, generators or OUTBOARD engines. The number one maker of gasonline engines makes the best outboard money can buy!
4-wheel drive on the water?!?!? If you want to go where no boat has gone before, you need a go-anywhere, over anything Go-Devil. Whether you choose the speed and handling of the Surface Drive or the value and ruggedness of the original Longtail, Go-Devil will get you there and back.
You want quality but would also like a dirt cheap price? There is no value in the outboard industry like the affordable Tohatsu Outboards. Whether 4-stroke in the 30HP an lower range or 2-stroke in the 40-115HP range, Tohatsu has a great engine at a great price.
Offshore? Are you kidding?! It's rough out there! Don't worry, we are going in a World Cat! Oh, well why didn't you say so in the firt place? Let's get goin'!

No boat rides the seas like a World Cat.

Tough defined! The Triumph boat made of the patented Roplene technology will not let you down. No, I mean it! No matter what, this boat is not going to sink. You can hit it with a sledge hammer, back it into a tree, whatever, it WILL NOT BREAK!

Heritage Marine
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Phone: 409-861-4118 Fax: 409-861-4119

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